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"Protecting Our Lakes Today, for Tomorrow"

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Learn About Us

About the Lakes Council

For 50 years the Steuben County Lakes Council, located in Angola, Indiana, has been working to protect the lakes and streams of Steuben County, Indiana.

As an environmental organization, one of our main goals is to educate the public about water quality issues. Our educational programs reach Steuben County students of various ages to share information about preserving water quality and wildlife. We also provide a scholarship for a Trine student studying Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Representatives from the various county lakes attend our monthly meeting to share information about issues affecting their lakes and to learn about county planning issues affecting all of the lakes.

The Lakes Council is run by volunteers like you who are interested in maintaining and improving the lakes environment here in Steuben County. We invite you to become a member, attend our monthly meetings, and contribute in a small or large way to making Steuben County a better place to visit and live.

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